The potential for learning, growth and empowerment lies within the powers of love, acceptance and authenticity. I believe in the strength of what it means to be truly seen, even when one's true voice cannot yet be heard.  

This is me. 

We live in a complex society, where clarity is often difficult to find, especially when there are special circumstances present in the family system. I want to support your family to see things clearly again...

My mission is to foster a life experience of trust, honor, respect and empowerment for your child by way of you. I offer guidance to help your child build stability and fulfillment in the ways they are connecting and interacting with their environment, themselves and other individuals in their life, especially you. 


I provide support, education and encouragement to individuals and families living with special circumstances.  I am a differently-abled, highly sensitive and empathic human myself, and it is my life's work to support you all in your journey. 


I have formal education and training in Special Education, Neurology, various methods of Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Applied Behavior Analysis, and the Developmental Individual-differences Relationship-based (DIR) model. There are pieces of each of these in my work, however I value having a unique, emotionally-sensitive, humanistic and intuitive approach to supporting each family I work with. 

In our work together, I consider patterns of behavior and communication, methods of finding connection (within ourselves and to each other), the importance of caring for our nervous system and supporting the needs of our sensory systems and physical bodies.